Amazing facts behind the record-breaking data usage at Super Bowl LIII


For the sixth straight year, fans at the Super Bowl broke records on how much mobile data they consumed. With digital fan engagement greater than ever, Stadia shares some staggering stats behind the numbers.

At the biggest game on the NFL calendar, and one of the world’s most watched events, the majority of those in attendance at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta had their mobile phones glued to their hands, ready to share the action with world.

A jaw-dropping 24TB of data was transferred within the stadium during Super Bowl LII, a massive 47% increase from last year’s championship game and seven times more than Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014. With over 70,000 in attendance at this year’s event, it was recorded that 30,605 of those were using the network concurrently.

The record-breaking fan engagement on the stadium’s wi-fi included not only social media use, but also applications such as iTunes, ESPN, and Spotify.

Extreme Networks, which has provided data and analytics for the last six Super Bowls, has observed a 650% increase in data usage over this time and picked out some interesting stats behind this year’s event.

Super Bowl LIII by the Numbers:

Data transferred: 24.05TB
Pre-game: 9.99TB
Game time: 11.11TB
Post-game: 2.95TB
Peak wi-fi data transfer rate: 13.04Gbps

Network Spikes:
Peak concurrent users: 30,605, during half-time show
Peak network utilization: 13.06Gbps, during halftime show

Fan Engagement:
Number of users: 48,845
Engagement rate: 69%

Most Used Streaming Apps:

Most Used Social Apps:

Most Used Sporting Apps:
Super Bowl LIII Fan Mobile Pass
CBS Sports
Bleacher Report

“Stadium connectivity plays a significant role in elevating the game-day experience for fans. From tailgate and kick-off to the final whistle and post-game festivities, data consumption continues to evolve year over year, ” said John Brams, director, Hospitality, Sports and Entertainment at Extreme Networks.

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