How technology will change sports venues post Covid-19


When sports fans eventually make a welcome return to UK arenas and clubs, they may well notice a number of changes to the transaction of their food, drink and merchandise.

Technology, of course, will play a major role in this new solution to ensure that face-to-face contact with visitors will be reduced considerably, yet still retaining some level of personal contact.

Apps reduce wait times and risk of contact through payment and collection. Some venues may introduce safe collection points for customers to collect their orders. As well as improving speed of service it also protects both customers and staff from health-associated infections ‘(HAIs) such as Covid-19 and is a valuable communications tool between the two. Notably, by its interactive nature, it is also able to easily locate customers should they need to be tracked and traced in the event of any breakout.

One in particular offering is the opportunity to pre-order food and drink directly from their phones while still watching the game via the pre-order app Zapaygo.

With apps already in place across the hospitality sector, it seems people are already adapting to the changes and it will become a familiar routine. By easing consumers into app technology now and building confidence across all ages, it seems when live sports can officially open once again, users will be ready for this change.

Zapaygo’s CEO, Mike Fisher, said:

“One of our aims for Zapaygo was to simplify the market and aggregate all customer ordering information as well as their data, and we have achieved just that.

“The app also offers a marketing platform providing businesses with consumer insights and data that will improve customer service and revenue opportunities, from brand partnership to consumer rewards, without any heavy investment for business owners.

“Contactless transactions will be a crucial part of any sports clubs wanting to welcome back their fans.

“We know the hospitality, events and entertainment sector has suffered huge financial losses during lockdown which is why we are doing all we can to help by offering a fee-free period, early adopter rates and an innovative business model, that will help them get back on their feet as quickly as possible.”

It’s important for sports arenas to adopt contactless technology because crowds provide momentum for the players and that’s needed during a game. Not only that but they also contribute to maintaining a sustainable business through the clubs catering services. To encourage spending, app-based facilities are required to reduce unnecessary contact and maintain social distancing. The safety of both staff and fans is at the forefront of app technology.

The pandemic has had to force businesses to think quickly to ensure the correct procedures and equipment is in place before their grand reopening. Large gatherings are still forbidden but with the right technology, the public’s cooperation and extensive hygiene regimes there will be a time for live sports to welcome back their fans.

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