Inside Saudi Arabia’s Victory Arena revitalization


Bult in 2011, The King Saud University Stadium (also known as Victory Arena) in Riyadh, located in the capital of Saudi Arabia, will undergo a revitalization that will turn it into a world-class venue ready to host high-level sports and entertainment events.

The Saudi Media Company, after reaching an agreement with the University, aims to convert the stadium into a cultural and sporting nerve center for the country, which emulates the great stadia of the world, such as Wembley Stadium in London. MRSOOL, a shipping company, will sponsor the naming rights of the revitalized stadium.

MRSOOL Park, will combine events of various kinds, such as concerts by major bands, or global sporting events. One of the key focuses for MRSOOL PARK is to become the home of Al-Nassr, one of the most successful soccer teams in Saudi Arabia, winner of nine leagues. Its colors will be present in many of the stadium’s designs

Spanish company Molcaworld has been selected to carry out the design of the brand and the transformation of the venue, which requires a comprehensive overhaul.

The MRSOOL PARK project consists of a comprehensive development plan, ranging from brand relaunch, revitalization of the stadium, the creation of a state-of-the-art digital ecosystem and a strategic commercial and marketing plan, which was presented by Saudi Media Company in November with a televised gala and broadcast on social networks.

MRSOOL PARK was created with the aim of moving from a conventional stadium to a multi-purpose destination, which can operate 7 days a week around the year.

The site will have VIP areas and differentiated hospitality, as well as the capacity to accommodate a wide range of gastronomic and commercialcontent, adapting to each event.

The players’ areas and stands will be dressed in the colors of Al-Nassr. The yellow of the desert sand and the blue of the Arabian Sea will be the leading palette of the changing rooms, players’ tunnels and various VIP experiences.

It will feature the region’s first-of-its-kind 360-degree viewing lounge where a select group of VIP members will be able to watch the action take place just a few meters away, as well as the exit from the changing rooms, the moment before taking the field in the tunnel, and the press conference itself.

Bringing together the history and atmosphere of the Riyadh fans, the first challenge is to study the ambitious objectives of the project managers, and apply them to the interior, generating an innovative and modern image that respects the preferences of fans.

The project has been entirely directed from its beginning by Javier Martínez García, a recognized expert in the sport and entertainment field with over 20 years of experience working with brands such as Walt Disney, Atlético Madrid, and Manchester City FC.

“This is one of the projects that is aligned within the vision of the Saudi Arabia 2030 strategic plan. Another example of private initiative to reaffirm the country’s desire to regularly host major world events. And to do so, they have chosen to select leading international professionals and combine them with local talent,” Garcia said.

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