San Francisco 49ers first in NFL to use 8K video technology


The San Francisco 49ers have been pioneering industry-changing technology ever since its Levi’s Stadium home was built in 2014. Now, it is pushing boundaries again by being the first team in the NFL to roll out 8K video technology.

8K video is the next-generation of broadcast and televisual technology, offering a picture resolution that’s four-times that of 4K (nearly 8,000 pixels), which would result in unprecedented clarity and a near life-like image.

The NFL’s 49ers announced the journey to deliver this by building an 8K ecosystem in partnership with Foxconn Industrial Internet (Fii). The multi-year agreement plans to integrate ground-breaking technologies to keep Levi’s Stadium one of the world’s most tech-forward sports venues.

The 49ers and Fii are working to become the first partnership in the NFL to utilize 8K video production and kicked off its 8K content gathering on by filming a post-game press conference with the brand new 8K camera provided by Fii following the team’s week 3 matchup.

“The 49ers and Levi’s Stadium continue to strive to be one of the most innovative teams and venues in the world and courtesy of our partnership with Fii we will have the ability to be the first stadium to roll out 8K to our fans in a prominent fashion,” said Brent Schoeb, 49ers chief revenue officer. “Their suite of brands and industry leading products will enable us to build on our innovative vision.”

The use of 8K video technology is one of the first steps in bringing this resolution as a standard, however for consumers it will require 8K compatible displays to take full advantage. Luckily, the market is starting to see a wave of new 8K-ready televisions. The 49ers Studios team will play a lead role in that effort by testing Fii 8K technology throughout the development phase and share its expertise and best practices for capturing 49ers team content in 8K. This partnership creates an opportunity for both the 49ers and Fii to leverage 8K technology to enhance the gameday experience for fans and those watching at home.

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