Colorado Springs Sky Sox investigating San Antonio ballpark


The Colorado Springs Sky Sox, a minor league baseball team playing at Security Service Field on the eastern side of Colorado Springs, have released a statement that appears to point to a possible team move to a new ballpark in San Antonio, Texas.

Elmore Sports Group, which owns the team, detailed the team’s long relationship with Colorado Springs, and thanked fans for their ongoing support. However, the statement goes on to explain: “In recent years, the landscape at the major league and affiliate level has changed and has left the Sky Sox without a natural geographic fit for a major league partner here in Colorado Springs. These challenges are well known in the baseball industry and have become a concern for maintaining a long-term Triple-A relationship with a major league partner in Colorado Springs.

“We have been asked by the City of San Antonio to explore the concept of bringing our Triple-A franchise into a new downtown ballpark development. As business owners and caretakers of our Sky Sox franchise, we need to give this proposal serious consideration. In order to fully explore these possibilities, we have agreed to meet and work with San Antonio city officials to test the viability of a new downtown stadium and explore a possible move of Triple-A baseball to San Antonio. We want our fans in Colorado Springs to understand there are no agreements of any kind and no foregone conclusion that the team will be moving, but we want to be as open and transparent with both communities as possible. This is a long process and any decision or potential moves will be years in the future.”

It’s not all bad news for Colorado Springs baseball fans, as the statement also insists that, “While the process of exploring a potential move of our Triple-A franchise is ongoing, we will also be exploring the possibility of moving a Short-season-A team to Colorado Springs. Any relocation of any team at any level is a complicated process that can take seasons to accomplish and involve approvals at many levels. We are very sensitive to the desires of our communities and we want the very best for each of our cities involved in the process. Our top goal throughout this process is to provide our communities with the best long-term successful and stable franchises in the country.”

April 07, 2016

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