New Minnesota Vikings stadium to feature LED technology


The Minnesota Vikings and Minneapolis Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA) has selected Daktronics to design, manufacture and install 18 LED video displays featuring 13HD technology for the stadium currently under construction in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A total of more than 25,000ft2 of video displays will work together to brand the Vikings home-game atmosphere and build a fan experience that the club says will be “unique to the state”.

“Our focus remains on providing a first-class experience to our fans,” said Vikings owner and president Mark Wilf. “When the process is over and we open this building in 2016, we want to say we did what we could to ensure the best game-day experience possible.”

In the west end zone, a main display measuring 68ft high by 120ft wide will serve as the focal point. This display features variable content zoning to show one large image or it can be zoned into multiple windows to show any combination of live video, instant replays, scoring information and statistics, graphics and animations, and sponsorship messages.

Two wing displays – one on each side of the main display – will measure 43ft high by 15ft wide. These displays can supplement the main display or be joined to it to show one large image across the entire digital canvas for moments of extra emphasis and excitement.

A ‘skirt’ display measuring 9ft high by 64ft wide will be installed at field level to provide additional opportunities for graphics and sponsorship throughout events.

In the east end zone a main video display measuring 50ft high by 88ft wide will serve as the focal point. Two wing displays, each 25ft high by 15ft wide, flank the main display. They all feature the same capabilities as those in the west end zone.

Circling the seating fascia will be three ribbon displays, one attached to the upper concourse measuring 3.5ft high by 1,550ft wide, one along the club level measuring 2.5ft high by 1,475ft wide and one at the press level measuring 5ft high by 225ft wide. These displays provide the opportunity to showcase sponsors throughout events and to show additional scoring information, out-of-town scores and fantasy stats.

Eight 5ft high by 35ft wide sponsor displays will also be installed throughout the north side of the facility to bring additional recognition to sponsors and advertisers.

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