Clemson renovation includes 33-display system from Daktronics


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When Clemson University Tigers players and fans return to a renovated Littlejohn Coliseum next season, they will be welcomed by a new 33-display LED super system manufactured and installed by Daktronics. The entire system will bring more than 3,000ft2 of video display space to the coliseum.

The displays will be installed throughout the summer, beginning with the centerhung in April and the other displays in August, to be ready for tip-off in Clemson, South Carolina, this fall. The project extends a longtime partnership that includes the first LED video installation by Daktronics for Clemson football in 1997.

“Clemson is excited to once again be partnering with Daktronics to enhance the Clemson Experience for our fans,” says Mike Money, assistant athletic director of marketing and game management. “This unique centerpiece to Littlejohn Coliseum, along with the other digital displays, will help create an atmosphere that will be second to none. We appreciate the long-standing partnership with Daktronics and are looking forward to following the progress leading up to opening night.”

The centerhung configuration will feature six displays for a total of 1,500ft2 of display space, which will make it one of the largest centerhungs in college basketball. All six displays feature 6mm line spacing for a tight resolution, excellent image clarity and contrast, and wide angle visibility for a great view from any seat in the coliseum.

The two main displays will feature an outward curvature and measure approximately 15.5ft high by 28ft wide making them the longest curved centerhung displays in a collegiate venue. The two end displays will feature an outward curvature and measure approximately 10.5ft high by 19ft wide. Two underside displays will be angled toward the sidelines for better viewing by courtside seats and will measure approximately 8.5ft high by 14.5ft wide.

The video displays are capable of variable content zoning, which allows them to show one large image or to be sectioned into multiple windows to show any combination of live video, instant replays, game information, statistics, graphics and animations, and sponsorship messages.

“We’re extremely proud to be able to expand our partnership with Clemson University Athletics through this new installation for Littlejohn Coliseum,” says Glen Marts, Daktronics sales representative. “The centerhung combines design advancements from the professional leagues into an attention-grabbing centerpiece above the court. It will be exciting to see everything come together and further enhance the atmosphere for Tiger Basketball fans this fall.”

The coliseum will be surrounded with 16 vomitorium displays – three located on each side of the arena, and four super vomitorium displays, with one located in each corner of the arena – and one club-level ribbon display. Each of the 12 vomitorium displays will measure roughly 2.5ft high by 13ft long, each of the super vomitorium displays will measure 2.5ft high by 52.5ft wide, and the club-level display will measure 3.5ft high by 69ft long.

Also within the seating bowl will be seven LED scorer’s tables, each measuring 2ft high by 9ft long. These can be configured in any formation to provide additional game and player information as well as sponsorship opportunities. Four stanchion displays will be installed, two on each basket support, to provide additional display space for sponsorships. All 11 of these displays will feature 10mm line spacing.

In the concourse, two video displays will be installed to welcome fans to the coliseum. Each display will measure more than 7ft high by 12.5ft wide and will feature 6mm line spacing.

The project includes two custom fixed-digit scoreboards, two practice facility fixed-digit scoreboards and shot clocks throughout the facility. Daktronics Creative Services will also be providing digital content as part of the agreement. Content will be produced and delivered at the request of the university.

April 07, 2016

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