Greenville Drive selects Daktronics for LED video display


Daktronics has partnered with the Greenville Drive of Greenville, South Carolina, to bring a large LED video display to Fluor Field at the West End. Daktronics designed, manufactured and installed the display this winter for the single-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox.

“We sincerely thank Daktronics for their assistance in the design and installation of this incredible new board at Fluor Field,” said Eric Jarinko, Greenville Drive general manager. “With crystal-clear images, instant replays and graphics, the DriveVision board is going to take our fan experience to a whole new level, and we couldn’t be happier to have this as the centerpiece of Fluor Field for years to come.”

Installed in right-center field, the display features a 15HD pixel layout and measures approximately 27.5ft high by 49ft wide. It is capable of variable content zoning, a technology that allows the display to show a single large image across the entire display or divide the display into zones capable of showing any combination of content including live video, instant replays, game statistics, graphics and animations, scoring information, and sponsor messages.

“This is a great installation for the minor leagues as the Drive brings an exceptional new video display to its fans in South Carolina,” said Glen Marts, Daktronics sales representative. “We’re excited to partner with the team and look forward to seeing this display entertaining baseball fans when the 2016 season begins.”

The display combines excellent image clarity and contrast with wide-angle visibility for a great picture from any seat in the stadium. Industry-leading environmental protection ensures the display will withstand the elements for years to come.

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