T-Mobile Arena selects Daktronics for venue-wide LED display system


Operators of the new T-Mobile Arena selected Daktronics to design, manufacture and install 25 LED video displays in and around the new venue which opened last month in Las Vegas, Nevada. Among them is the first see-through display in the city, which is also one of the largest such displays in the United States. The installation includes a centerhung configuration, fascia, tunnel entry, scorer’s tables, and exterior displays for a total of 16,300ft2 of display space.

“As guests arrive at T-Mobile Arena, one of the first things they see is the incredible Daktronics see-through LED video mesh wall above the main entrance, which has been generating tremendous fan excitement and energy, especially on event nights,” says Dan Quinn, general manager of T-Mobile Arena. “Daktronics did a remarkable job creating vibrant and dynamic displays throughout the venue’s interior, which are integral components of the overall entertainment experience for our guests.”

The centerpiece inside the facility is the 12-display centerhung configuration, with all displays featuring 6mm line spacing. The two largest displays measure 21ft high by 36ft wide and face the sides of the arena. The two displays facing the ends of the arena measure 21ft high by 21ft wide.

Four displays fill the corners between the main displays of the centerhung and measure 21ft high by 6ft wide. On the underside of the centerhung, four displays measuring 7ft high by 14ft wide provide additional viewing opportunities for seats that are closer to the playing surface thanks to supplemental content to the main displays.

Daktronics sales representative Mark Johnson adds: “Daktronics is excited to be a part of this landmark project in Las Vegas for T-Mobile Arena. Integrating and controlling 25 displays in a single facility speaks to the depth of our engineering capabilities as a company and is sure to bring amazing experiences for fans at every event. We’re ecstatic about the completed project and the displays that add to the bright lights of the city.”

Two ribbon displays mounted to the seating fascia, four tunnel displays mounted above entrances to the seating area and six scorer’s tables positioned on the sidelines of the court provide opportunities to highlight sponsors throughout events as well as provide additional statistics and animations.

A trapezoid-shaped, freeform linear LED video wall on the exterior is the first see-through display in Las Vegas covering 9,000ft2 and measuring approximately 43ft high by 210ft wide. Pixels have been placed 50mm apart to provide a video solution for outside viewers while still allowing those inside the building to see out through the display.

Due to the trapezoid shape, this exterior display requires an advanced control solution to maximize the unique aspect ratio. To accomplish this, Daktronics has introduced the new 6000 Series Display Interface with proprietary Pure Pixel Processing (P3) technology, which provides efficient control and vibrant color reproduction.

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