University of Texas announces installation project for new centerhung video system


Nine-display centerhung and 360° ribbon system, which will include 1.7 million LEDs spread across approximately 3,500ft2 of display space, will be installed by Daktronics at Frank Erwin Center

The University of Texas has selected Daktronics for manufacture and installation of 11 new LED displays at the Frank Erwin Center on campus in Austin, Texas. The project, which includes 1.7 million LEDs across approximately 3,500ft2 of LED displays, will take place this autumn and have Longhorns fans cheering at events this winter.

“One of our top priorities is offering an exceptional fan experience at our men’s and women’s basketball games,” said Texas Men’s Athletics director Mike Perrin. “Upgrading our video display system to include the latest LED technology will enhance the viewing experience for our fans.”

The nine-display centerhung system will include four main displays, four upper displays (for game in progress video) and a lower ring display. Each of the main units will measure 12.5ft high by 23ft wide, while the four upper screens will be 6ft high by 28ft wide. The lower ring will measure 3ft high by 68ft in circumference.

“We’re grateful to extend our partnership with the University of Texas by providing new displays for the Frank Erwin Center,” added Daktronics sales representative Dan Fjeldheim. “The installation will bring the game-day experience to the next level for their student-athletes and fans. We’re can’t wait to see it up and running later this year.”

The main displays and ring display will feature 6mm line spacing while the upper displays and 360° ribbon display will boast 10mm line spacing.

In addition, a new 360° ribbon display will be installed around the seating fascia of the venue. It will measure 2ft high by 689ft wide as it circles the main seating bowl.

The upper centerhung displays, lower ring display and 360° ribbon display make it possible to show supplemental content to the main displays while also highlighting sponsorship materials during events.

November 1, 2017

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