Stadia readers believe pyrotechnics have a place within venues


In last month’s poll question, we asked about the role of pyrotechnics within sports stadia.

In light of a UEFA-co-commissioned report, which stated that it was not possible to safely operate pyrotechnic devices in stadia, we asked readers for their opinions on the use of pyrotechnics – whether they should be immediately outlawed, and whether the use of such devices is a fundamental part of the stadium experience for fans. The report, it should be noted, does acknowledge that pyrotechnics and fireworks are a part of stadium culture, and that prohibiting their use would require careful coordination.

Stadia readers overwhelmingly believed that pyrotechnics should not be immediately banned – 70% stating that their use is part of the stadium experience and should not be banned. Remaining opinion was divided, with 14.5% believing they should be immediately banned, and 14.5% of the opinion that they should be phased out over time.

August 2, 2017

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