Vietnam university installs FIFA-approved synthetic turf


As players set foot on the new pitch at Ho Chi Minh City University of Sport in Vietnam, they are the first in Asia to enjoy the latest in 3G football turf technology. Featuring the latest synthetic turf technology from Bonar Yarns, the training academy has set new benchmarks in quality, durability and performance for the region’s playing surfaces.

The sports turf, Xtreme Turf DX, is manufactured by Act Global at their USA facility in line with ISO 9001 quality standards, and features an exclusive MN Global yarn blend – a fiber developed in collaboration with Act Global – from Bonar Yarns.

The pitch was completed with regional partner Hoang Nguyen Company, a leading installer for top-end football fields in Vietnam. The synthetic turf was finished with performance infill imported from Genan in Denmark, before passing stringent field testing to be certified to FIFA Two-Star level. This is the second pitch in Vietnam to feature Bonar Yarns fibers.

“Some of the best surfaces in the world are now synthetic, as they offer a unique balance of durability, resilience and skin friendliness” said Bryn Lee, global business director of Bonar Yarns. “This is an incredibly exciting project both for Bonar Yarns and Act Global.”

“We are pleased to offer Ho Chi Minh City University our latest and most advanced synthetic turf, suitable for top talent at this important training facility,” said Daniel Clapham, regional sales manager for Act Global. “We are constantly researching, testing and refining our systems to ensure players receive the best in class technology and playing surfaces.”

October 16, 2015

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