Virtual arena offers ‘fundamental change’ to entertainment industry


MetaSport Arena (MSA) has partnered with Soundpickr on a virtual sports and entertainment music experience in the Sam Arena, one of the first sports and entertainment virtual ‘worlds’.

Sam Arena is a virtual space where fans may engage with their favorite teams, entertainers, and athletes.

The partnership between MetaSport Arena and Soundpickr will see Soundpickr’s music streaming services integrated into Sam Arena, whereby users can access music playlists tailored to their virtual experience.

“We are excited to partner with Soundpickr to offer our users a unique and revolutionary way to consume music,” said Julien Sevat, CEO of MetaSport Arena. “By integrating Soundpickr’s music streaming service, we are taking the fan experience to the next level and are providing our users with a seamless and personalized experience.”

Soundpickr has created a large music database to create what it calls a “music metadata standard” addressing legacy music royalty issues.

The metaverse & the new wave of gaming represents a unique opportunity for music makers to access new fans,” said Alex Lopes, CEO of Soundpickr. Lopes added, “We know that we are at the beginning of a fundamental change for the music and entertainment industries.”

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