Auburn commits to game-day experience across campus with video display installations


Auburn University is committing to Tigers fans and their live event experience in 2016 by continuing to rely on Daktronics to install 12 new LED displays for four different venues on campus in Auburn, Alabama.

The installation of one video display and audio system at Auburn University Soccer Complex, one of the first video displays for college equestrian, and an audio upgrade in Jordan-Hare Stadium’s suites were completed this summer. The installation of video displays at facilities for baseball and basketball are all still to come this year.

“This most recent project with Daktronics brought our total number of sports supported by video boards to 10,” said Andrew Young, Auburn assistant athletics director of video services. “The visual support from these boards creates more excitement at our sporting events and helps us deliver an outstanding game-day experience for our fans.”

The video displays for baseball, equestrian and soccer will provide fans and viewers with live video, instant replays, event scores, statistics, graphics, sponsorship messages and other information throughout events. These displays can show one large image or multiple zones to show any combination of content based on the needs of each event. 

“We’re excited to continue our long-standing partnership with Auburn University and their athletic facilities,” said Glen Marts, Daktronics sales representative.

“We are delivering on their goal of improving the experience for Tiger fans for many years to come. These facility upgrades also make things easier from a control perspective to train workers once and allow them to control all the displays on campus. We’re looking forward to seeing everything in operation this year.”

Auburn University Soccer Complex received a display measuring 14.5ft high by 32.5ft wide and a custom fixed-digit scoreboard. Samford Stadium-Hitchcock Field at Plainsman Park will receive a display measuring 24ft high by 62.5ft wide, creating a completely digital canvas for baseball games. Auburn University Horse Center received a display measuring 13ft high by 29ft wide for equestrian events.

These three video displays all feature 15 HD pixel layouts to provide high-definition imagery and wide-angle visibility while incorporating industry-leading protection from the outdoor elements. Each site will receive new channel letters above the video displays. 

The soccer and baseball venues will also receive Daktronics Sportsound 500 and Sportsound 2000 systems, respectively. These audio systems provide booming sound and intelligible speech for an improved overall experience throughout events.

Last year, Daktronics installed an audio system for the main seating bowl at Jordan-Hare Stadium. This year, a new audio system was integrated into the existing system for all suites and premium areas. It includes a robust control solution which allows individual audio control inside each of the 85 suites within the stadium.

For basketball, Auburn Arena will receive new LED ribbon and scorer’s table displays to show additional graphics and statistical elements as well as the opportunity to highlight sponsors throughout events. The new ribbon display along the upper seating fascia will measure 2.5ft high by 679ft wide and feature 15mm line spacing. The eight scorer’s tables will each measure 2ft high by 9ft wide and feature 10mm line spacing.

The basketball practice facility will also be receiving fixed-digit scoreboards, sponsor panels, control consoles, shot clocks and light strips as part of the project.

Daktronics will also be including its powerful Show Control System with these installations. The industry-leading system provides a combination of display control software, world-class video processing, data integration and playback hardware that forms a user-friendly production solution. It also allows for in-venue control or each event to be run from the master control room depending on event need and staffing levels. All displays are connected to the master control room except for the equestrian display.

October 13, 2016

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