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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have continued a partnership with Daktronics that dates back to the team’s previous video display installation in 1998. In 2016, Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, will feature one the newest LED video display systems in professional football, designed and manufactured by Daktronics. The installation of 14 displays totaling more than 39,000ft2 of LED space and more than 23 million LEDs will take place this summer.

“We’re looking forward to once again providing Raymond James Stadium with the latest in LED technology to create an entertainment destination for the Buccaneers and their fans,” said Daktronics CEO Reece Kurtenbach.

“Continuing a partnership that dates back to 1998 speaks to our company’s longevity and commitment to providing our customers with high-quality, long-lasting video products. We’re excited to see these upgrades create a great home field atmosphere for the Bucs when football returns this fall.”

Two new main video displays, one towering over each end zone, will measure 60ft high by 160ft wide for 9,600ft2 each. Four tower displays will also be installed, one in each corner of the stadium, will measure approximately 61ft high by 43ft wide for 2,304ft2 each. The total display area of 28,416ft2 is the third largest in professional football.

These displays’ excellent image clarity and contrast, sun-cutting brightness, and industry-leading environmental protection will keep them operating as expected in the harsh coastal elements. They are capable of variable content zoning which allows them each to show one large image or to show multiple windows with any variety of live video, instant replays, up-to-the-minute statistics, game information, graphics, animations and sponsorship messages.

Buccaneers chief operating officer Brian Ford added, “Daktronics is the industry leader in stadium scoreboard technology and these new video displays will completely change the game-day experience for all fans at Raymond James Stadium. With over 39,000ft2 of LED display space and state-of-the-art video capabilities, we will greatly enhance the stadium viewing experience and bring our fans closer to the action on the field than ever before.”

This installation also features four additional scoreboard displays – two above each main display – measuring approximately 7ft high by 45ft wide. Two ribbon displays, one on each sideline’s seating fascia, will each measure 6ft high by 680ft long. All six displays feature 15HD pixel layouts and provide the ability to supplement content on the main displays as well as highlight sponsors throughout events.

Additionally, two ‘delay of game’ displays each measuring 7ft high by 8ft wide and featuring 15HD pixel layouts will be installed at the stadium to complete the integrated video and scoring super system.

The Buccaneers have also selected Daktronics Creative Services to produce and deliver digital content for the new video displays. Creative Services is Daktronics’ in-house creative team that brings life to video displays with a mixture of animations, video highlights, team headshots, intro videos, game prompts and sponsorship messages.

June 23, 2016

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