Details of Seattle University’s renovated Connolly Complex revealed


In September, Seattle University opened the renovated Connolly Complex, which serves as the home to Seattle University’s (SU) varsity athletics department and as the student recreation hub. While the original driver for the project was the need to upgrade to Title IX standards, SU chose to engage Gensler to program, plan, and design a complete, holistic renovation of the complex. This allows the facility to fulfill the needs of women’s athletics and continue as a viable center for campus wide events.

The biggest challenges the project needed to overcome was the lack of visual identity for the building entry, and movement paths within the space that often caused congestion and confusion during events. In order to address both these challenges, and the Title IX upgrade requirements, the team looked at the project through the lens of the “game day experience.” This included the point of view of the athlete, the spectator, and the recreational facility users.

Gensler has also released a number of images of the project, which you can see below and at the bottom.

The project involved a new entry pavilion at the northwest corner of the site; upgraded spectator amenities; and upgraded athletics facilities within the existing building enclosure. It included renovation of the basketball court – rotated orientation, new floor, new bleachers, new digital displays, and painted walls with new graphics (not done by Gensler).

Also involved was a new ticketing and memorabilia stand, and an entry portal with interchangeable SU graphics; a new concession stand, visiting team lockers rooms and officials’ locker rooms; and upgrades to visitor restrooms and the recreation center locker rooms. 

November 3, 2016

Photo credit: YE-H PHOTOGRAPHY

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