Tommex provides audio installation for Zatoka Sportu


Tommex Żebrowscy has revealed details of its project with the University of Łódź, to design and install an all-new audio system as part of the Zatoka Sportu water sports development.

“With high humidity and difficult acoustics, we chose Community R Series loudspeakers,” said Marcin Zimny, commercial director at Tommex. “The extreme all-weather ability can handle the humidity long-term and their accurate coverage patterns enabled us to design the system with well-controlled sound to the areas needed, while substantially avoiding reflective surfaces.”

The Zatoka Sportu site features a 50m main pool with a conjoined 25m pool, and has a full-length depth of 2.5 meters. The development includes the first 50m indoor swimming pool to be built in Łódź. In an innovative move by the university, a custom floating platform can divide the pool to any size, allowing for water polo. Additionally, the smaller pool has an adjustable bottom which, depending on the requirements, can alter the depth from 0m to 5m.

As part of the installation Tommex has added EN 54-24 certified loudspeakers to the main pool area, 23 Community R2-94Z-EN speakers for the 1,700-capacity spectator grandstand, as well as a further five R1-66Z-EN covering the pool itself.

The system’s control room houses a Dynacord CMS 1000-3 mixer and the Community DSPEC226 digital loudspeaker processor. Tommex chose g + m electronics’ BO-CD amplifiers to power the loudspeakers and a combination of wired and wireless Sennheiser microphone systems to provide operational flexibility. This incorporates a Bosch LBB 1968/00 feedback suppressor and Genelec loudspeakers for control room monitoring.

Tommex has also provided a portable underwater sound system, which can be deployed for classes and events, as well as the public address throughout the corridors, halls, toilets, lockers and technical rooms of the venue.

“Like any modern sports sound system, it has to deliver clear speech for communication and commentary, and entertainment quality for music,” said Zimny. “Having installed Community R Series in numerous indoor and outdoor venues, we know we can count on them to deliver both audio performance and long-term reliability.”

November 16, 2017

Written by Sam Petters

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