WRU bans use of horns at the Millennium Stadium


The Welsh Rugby Union has elected to ban the use of horns during sporting events at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Complaints from fans has led to the ban, which already applies to air horns, but which will now also prohibit the use of vuvuzelas and mouth-activated horns. Stewards will be imbued with the power to confiscate horns, refuse entry to fans carrying them, or even evict offenders.

“The ban on the use of all types of horn is now part of the terms and conditions for attendance at events,” says stadium manager Mark Williams. “The Millennium Stadium enjoys a unique atmosphere which must be protected for the enjoyment of all 74,500 supporters who can attend games here.

“Our supporters are encouraged to generate noise through singing and shouting for their team but the intrusive use of these horns is extremely disruptive.

“We have received feedback from supporters who have said the constant sound from these horns has distracted their attention from the action on the field and ruined their enjoyment of the games.

“People come to the stadium to have a good time and there is undoubtedly a party atmosphere at events, but we will not tolerate disruptive activities from individuals who do not show proper concern for their fellow fans.”

The ban will not cover the Speedway Grand Prix events at which the use of horns by fans is customary and commonplace.

August 20, 2015

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