Mumbai Indians uses drone technology to enhance fan experience


The Mumbai Indians (MI) has introduced drone cameras to cover team practice seasons with an aerial view. The initiative has been introduced to enhance the fan experience by providing an insight into team happenings.

The drones are similar to those used in the fields of army and intelligence, and have Go-Pro cameras fitted on them. The footage captured is then delivered to fans by means of social media sharing. According to, the drone camera technology will replace the spider-camera in the upcoming season of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

The spider-cams, which also provide aerial shots, work with cameras attached to a network of cables. The wires are said to cause a hindrance to players and the drone cameras, which are wireless, could prove to be a better replacement. The drones at the MI camp are remote controlled by a two-man team.

According to Mumbai Indians spokesperson Leeladhar Singh, the footage captured from the drone cams has already attracted plenty of attention.

“Mumbai Indians has roped in a two-man professional team to handle all the content and we have to be innovative when it comes to fans. They always want to know what’s happening on and off the field and it is a better medium to interact with the fans and keep them updated on the players’ day-to-day activities,” Singh said.

April 9, 2015

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