Minnesota Vikings deliver new fan engagement experiences


The NFL’s Minnesota Vikings have chosen Selligent Marketing Cloud to deliver content-led experiences to its fanbase. Using Selligent, the Vikings will leverage data to uncover fan insights, create new ways to interact with players, and use relevant content to ensure memorable and purposeful touchpoints with the team.

In a time when professional sporting events have been suspended across multiple leagues, fans remain eager for updates regarding their favorite teams and players. The Minnesota Vikings are using this time to keep fans engaged and excited during an atypical off-season. Leveraging Smart Content within Selligent’s artificial intelligence engine, Selligent Cortex, the Vikings will deliver personalized content to fans based on their activities across channels, and tailor experiences to fans outside of their existing contacts.

“Sports have long been a refuge for fans, and a way to connect through shared experiences at a live game. In today’s transformative times, we want to keep this same passion and interactivity alive with our audience, give them an opportunity to connect with fellow fans and players, and inspire them for the future when we can return to enjoying in-person games together,” said Steve LaCroix, executive vice president & chief marketing officer of the Minnesota Vikings.

Minnesota Vikings will lean on digital engagements with fans with the power of data captured by Selligent’s platform, and will be able to deliver content to an individual’s relevant interests. In the future, the Vikings will use Selligent to tailor outreach based on ticket purchases, and ensure a seamless journey for fans before and after sporting events.

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