Cairo Stadium installs Philips lighting system


Installation of the first Philips ArenaVision LED pitch lighting system in Africa will enable Cairo Stadium greater flexibility for multipurpose events

Cairo Stadium has selected Philips Lighting to install a ArenaVision LED pitch lighting system. The Cairo Stadium is the first venue in Africa to use the ArenaVision system, which offers the flexibility needed for a multipurpose venue. The lighting setup enables Cairo Stadium to create light shows and highlight certain parts of the stadium for different events as well as meeting stringent lighting standards for broadcasting.

Cairo Stadium is an indoor sports complex comprising four Olympic-standard, multi-use sporting arenas with a 120,000 spectator capacity. The 2016 African Men’s Handball Championship was the first event to benefit from the Philips ArenaVision LED pitch lighting. The installation increases the stadium’s potential for hosting international sports tournaments as it allows the venue to meet required lighting standards for broadcasting. Philips ArenaVision LED lighting supports high-definition, super slow-motion replays, avoiding the flicker synonymous with conventional lamps. Also, unlike the previous metal-halide system, the new LED system can be instantly switched on and off without the need for a warm-up period.

Tamer Abolghar, Philips Lighting’s general manager for Africa and country manager for Egypt, comments: “The Cairo Stadium is the one of the largest stadiums in Africa and is leading the way in using digital LED lighting to cater for multipurpose venues – from behind-the-scenes precision lighting for maintenance to show-stopping lighting that captures action on the pitch or at concerts for broadcasters.

“As one of the key markets in Africa, Egypt was selected to introduce the Philips ArenaVision LED lighting system to support the Egyptian government’s strategy to reduce energy consumption.”

With 160 LED floodlights, the new system will save up to 50% more energy than its predecessor. The unique design of the new system offers a wide range of advantages, including: low maintenance costs due to the longer life of the LED lighting system; better lighting conditions for players; and an instant on/off switch that allows seamless switching between different types of events and themes during games and other entertainment shows. Philips’ team in Egypt replaced the existing conventional floodlights in under four months.

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