Ephesus Sports Lighting develops systems for high school, collegiate or professional stadia


The sports lighting market has seen dramatic changes in the last several years, as LED lighting solutions expand throughout the world. Ephesus Sports Lighting, a division of Cooper Lighting Solutions, has developed its LUMASPORT system to maximize operator control, improve optical performance and ensure complete reliability, while also minimizing total cost of ownership, maintenance issues and complex and costly installations.

This solution for LED lighting is key for any indoor or outdoor field or arena-from youth sports to the major leagues.

The LUMASPORT 8 system is ideal for small college, high school and municipal fields, while the LUMASPORT 16 is designed for larger outdoor college and professional venues.

“In the growing sports lighting market, there are inherent challenges with legacy lighting products, such as light pollution, excessive maintenance and lack of user control,” said Mike Quijano, director of business development & product marketing for EphesusSports Lighting.

LUMASPORT offers white light and a wide array of dynamic entertainment scenes and can be expanded to offer color light with the addition of Ephesus Prism RGBA color fixtures. The system can be completely controlled through a wired DMX or through the Ephesus AirMesh wireless lighting system, which maximizes operator control via LAN connection, Wi-Fi or through a cellular network, allowing operators to schedule and manage the lights via their cellphone from anywhere.

LUMASPORT 8 addresses the important concerns for municipal field operators of sky glow and light pollution via a new, patented multi-layered optical system. It seamlessly combines reflector optics with TIR silicone to prioritize and balance light delivery, cutoff, glare control and playability.

The LUMASPORT 16 features a deeply recessed LED source inside the main reflector cavity and a patented new reflector and louver optical system. The internal louver, which is inside of each individual reflector cavity, provides unprecedented control to improve cutoff and reduce glare at the light source deep within the fixture. The innovative new system balances light delivery and playability while meeting the stringent performance requirements of fans, players and broadcasters.

Most sports lighting manufacturers use surface-mount LEDs with unreliable solder joints affixing the LED to the array. But LUMASPORT offers industry-leading light-source reliability with chip-on-board LEDs, which bond the LED chips directly to the fixture’s substrate, to form a single, module that is much stronger and more reliable.

LUMASPORT is also the only fixture with a redundant power supply. This patented internal surge-protected dual-power architecture enables the fixture to operate even if one of the drivers fails, avoiding fixture outage, maintaining foot-candles on the field to ensure playability, and eliminating downtime and maintenance calls.

The patented Ephesus Quick Mount system provides a pre-aimable two-piece assembly that dramatically reduces the LUMASPORT’s installation time and cost. Contractors simply pre-aim each fixture with a dial for both orientation and tilt before affixing it to the mounting infrastructure, instead of having to aim each fixture onto the playing surface with a laser to achieve the required precision. Once the fixture is mounted, it provides pinpoint accuracy. As a result, by practically eliminating the need for lasers, LUMASPORT can be installed any time, day or night.

“Our LUMASPORT system is built to meet the many needs of new and legacy applications, and to solve the problems and challenges many existing LED systems have presented to venue owners and operators,” said Quijano.

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