Aures and Retail & Sports Systems launch new POS partnership at four sports clubs


Retail & Sports Systems, a specialist developer of solutions for sports retail, has forged a relationship with EPoS manufacturer Aures Technologies. In just three months, RSS has deployed new hardware at four of its sports club clients – Aures Yuno terminals are now in use at UK soccer clubs Sheffield United FC, Swansea City FC, Barnsley FC and Brentford FC.

Richard Waltham, founder and co-owner of RSS, explained the rationale behind the new partnership: “When we founded the company in 2009, we opted for Toshiba hardware. Over time, what had been an excellent on-site engineering service dwindled and became cost-prohibitive so we took our business to another third-party supplier. Unfortunately, we experienced build quality issues here and the products were not attractively styled, so decided to look around for a supplier that was more suitable for our environment.”

Waltham’s search led him to Aures. Since concluding the partnership agreement, he has discovered that its technology can be rolled out quickly and effectively. The Yuno terminal has been selected as RSS’s de facto entry-point machine for sports clients, with plans to deploy the AURES Sango for premium enterprises such as top-end soccer clubs or transaction-heavy, high-street retailers.

October 2, 2015

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