Barenbrug introduces RPR stadium


A leading UK seed producer, Barenbrug, has launched a new product – RPR Stadium.

Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass (RPR) has been extensively trialed at the company’s Cropvale research station in Worcestershire over the last two years and results have revealed that the seed delivers a number of key benefits.

Included in these benefits is ryegrass’s fast-recovery capability and its ability to counteract the effect of intense wear or other turf damage, while the technology increases disease tolerance and has a more ‘camera friendly’ color.

David Greenshields, research and development manager at Barenbrug said, “RPR Stadium offers unrivalled benefits for groundsmen and winter sport pitches across the UK at levels previously unseen.”

Ian Forshaw, head groundsman at the £30m (US$ 40.5m) Wigan DW Stadium, explained, “Incredibly, we’ve had five games on the pitch and the grass is only 13 weeks old. It’s practically undamaged and in pristine condition. RPR Stadium has drastically reduced the amount of time we have to spend on repairing the grass.”

By Ben Smith, Stadia

November 13, 2015

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