Tottenham Hotspur agrees land deal to build new stadium


English Premier League (EPL) club Tottenham Hotspur says it has struck a deal to buy disputed land for its proposed £400m (US$595m) 56,000-seater stadium.

A statement by the club said that an agreement had been reached to buy Archway Sheet Metal Works’ property in Paxton Road, Tottenham, London. It said the club would take possession of the land later this year to give the firm time to relocate.

The statement read: “Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Archway Sheet Metal Works Ltd and the Josif Family (Archway) are delighted to announce that a private agreement has been reached for the purchase of Archway’s property on Paxton Road by the Club.

“In order to allow Archway to relocate its business appropriately, the Club will not take possession of the land until later this year.”

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