Tottenham Hotspur wins new stadium legal case


English Premier League Soccer team Tottenham Hotspur has been granted permission to build its proposed new stadium on land currently occupied by local business Archway Sheet Metal Works, following a a High Court ruling.

The company had disputed Haringey Council’s granting of a Compulsory Purchase Order, demanding it move to make way for the new stadium. However, Mr Justice Dove found in Haringey Council and Tottenham Hotspur’s favor, ruling, “I am satisfied that there is no legal fault in the process.”

While there is still a possibility of a further appeal, Tottenham Hotspur says “the hope must be that this High Court decision will now allow us to progress what is widely recognized as the flagship development in the regeneration of Tottenham”.

Due to the protracted legal wrangling, it is expected that the stadium will not be complete until 2018.

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