Mock-up façade provides preview of Atlanta Falcons stadium roof structure


A mock-up roof structure has been installed on the New Atlanta Stadium construction site – serving as a test-build for the exterior roofing and glazing that will adorn the new venue, and verifying the quality of workmanship, details and aesthetics.

The mock-up roof structure shows how the various pieces come together and connect. It includes metal framing, the support metal panels themselves and a section of glass and will also include a section of the ETFE exterior material. This allows the many different parties on site to have a chance to see not only the visual component, but also how everything connects.

“It benefits everyone,” said Bill Darden, president of Darden & Company. “It helps the architects see what they conceived and what it looks like. The contractor benefits from how it comes together. The Falcons organization gets to see the result and how it will look. It benefits us all equally.”

According to Darden, the mock-up has gone together as expected and achieved the look everyone had envisioned.

August 6, 2015

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