STU Sports Park to receive new rigging system


STU Sports Park in Shantou, on the south east coast of China, is to install a new rigging system designed and supplied by Star Events.

Set within Shantou University, the Sports Park includes a multi-use arena with incorporated hotel and conference facilities. The two rigging mothergrids will cover three-quarters of the arena floor and can lift and hold production equipment weighing up to 70 tons. The company will also provide the perimeter rigging system that will hold 33 large format, high-definition projectors supplied by American company Obscura Digital. All 80 of the hoists will be controlled by Star’s Active Roof Technology system.

STU Sports Park general manager Greg Turner, said, “We wanted a venue that could host a diversified event schedule and allowed promoters to move in and out as efficiently as possible. Thus our team has been working with Star Events for the past year, developing a flexible design that enables us to utilize every kilogram of capacity in our venue roof, so we can host the widest range of entertainment.”

May 29, 2015

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