Satisfi Labs’ generative AI chatbot deploys in America, Europe and Australia


Satisfi Labs, a provider of conversational AI solutions, says it is ushering in a new era of live event customer service with AXS, an AI chatbot which is intended to give fans access to accurate and timely information.

Everyday questions addressed to the software are immediately answered through the generative AI enhanced chat feature, which it says allows its contact centre representatives to focus on  ore complex questions.

“Ticket service providers like AXS are embracing the current moment and the technology that will allow them to take the customer experience to new heights, understanding the positive impact that it has on both the customer and the provider. We look forward to continuing this partnership and seeing what we can accomplish together,” said Don White, CEO of Satisfi Labs.

AXS deployed the AI chatbot in their North America, Europe, and Australia markets on major buying platforms, and has a patent pending on its Context Large Language Model (LLM) Response

AXS says it saw immediate reduction of customer service wait times and increased
satisfaction since implementing the system.

“Quickly resolving inquiries, particularly during major event on-sales, is critical to the overall fan
experience,” said Tom Andrus, Chief Operating Officer for AXS, adding, ““We
look forward to continuing our integration and improving together as we deliver the best
customer experience in the industry.”

AXS’ focus is on the use of LLMs for customer satisfaction and efficiency in ticketing
commerce, enhanced intent routing, automated answer generation, intent reporting, and language
capabilities, which will soon be used to engage AXS customers.

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