DCU Center introduces LED video display system to enhance live experience


The City of Worcester and the SMG-managed DCU Center in Massachusetts have partnered with South Dakota-based specialists Daktronics for the design, manufacture and installation of 11 new LED displays throughout the arena.

The project is now complete, and is being enjoyed by concert fans, family show attendees and Worcester Railers HC members.

“SMG is proud to offer the highest level of quality product and services for both our clients and patrons,” said Sandy Dunn, SMG general manager of the DCU Center.

“Working with Daktronics to design the HD displays and a robust system that will deliver supreme performance standards was great. We look forward to welcoming fans back this fall with a whole new HD fan experience.”

The centerhung features nine LED displays – including four main video displays, four corner wedge displays and a lower ring display – all of which feature 10mm line spacing. The main displays measure 8ft high by 14.5ft wide, the corner wedges measure 8.5ft high by 3.5ft wide, and the lower ring measures 2ft high by 58ft in circumference.

Variable content zoning is available on the main displays, which allows them to show one large image or multiple zones, suitable for a combination of live video, instant replay, up-to-the-minute statistics, graphic and animations, and sponsorship messaging.

“This is a great project that we’re proud to be a part of for the SMG-managed DCU Center in Worcester,” said Dave D’Amico, Daktronics sales representative.

“The new centerhung system will catch fans attention the moment they enter the venue and will continue to provide an extra element to their overall experience. We’re excited to see the impact these displays will have at events this fall.”

On the east and west sides of the venue bowl, ribbon displays are installed along the seating fascia. The two displays each feature 15mm line spacing and measure 3ft high by 172ft wide. These displays, along with the centerhung wedges and lower ring, can provide complementary information to the main displays while also providing the opportunity to highlight sponsors.

Goal lights, transparent shot clocks and locker room clocks are also included with the installation.

September 20, 2017

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