Wofford College selects Daktronics for LED installation at new Jerry Richardson Indoor Stadium


Wofford College of Spartanburg, South Carolina, asked Daktronics to design, manufacture and install a facility-wide system at Jerry Richardson Indoor Stadium that includes video displays, ribbon displays, scorer’s tables, shot clocks and fixed-digit scoreboards. The equipment is set to be installed in the 123,000ft² facility during the spring and will be ready to entertain and excite Terrier fans on opening night.

“When we began the design process for Jerry Richardson Indoor Stadium, we knew we wanted to make a big impact with the audiovisual presentation,” said Wofford College director of athletics Richard Johnson.

“We are pleased to be working with Daktronics, one of the industry leaders, in making this project a reality. The package of video boards, ribbon panels and scorer’s tables will enable us to provide a first-class experience for our fans and student-athletes.”

The four main video displays being installed in the four corners of the facility measure approximately 12ft high by 22ft wide. Each corner display will feature 6mm line spacing for excellent image clarity and contrast. All four displays will feature variable content zoning which allows them each to show one large image across the entire display or to separate each display into multiple zones to show any combination of live video, instant replays, scoring information, up-to-the-minute statistics, graphics and animations, and sponsor messaging.

“We’re proud to help Wofford College reach their goal of making a big impression within their arena,” said Corey Williams, Daktronics sales representative. “The large corner displays will stand out and make a positive impression on game days and we’re looking forward to seeing it in action later this year.”

Five ribbon displays will also be installed along the seating fascia. The two longest ribbon displays will measure 2ft high by 200ft wide and feature 15mm line spacing. The other three ribbon displays will be mounted above the entrances to the seating area. Those three displays will measure 2ft high by 8ft wide and feature 10mm line spacing.

Additionally, seven scorers’ tables, each measuring approximately 2ft high by 9ft wide, will be installed courtside with four combined on one side of the court and three combined on the other. These displays can be combined in any formation to bring additional game information, statistics and sponsorship messages to events.

A fixed-digit scoreboard, five shot clocks, 17 locker room clocks and backboard light strips are included with this installation.

An additional video display will be mounted on the end wall of the volleyball competition venue. It will measure 12ft high by 17ft wide and will feature 10mm line spacing.

April 26, 2017

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