Yankee Stadium turns on digital displays


New digital video banners have been installed at concession stands at Yankee Stadium in an effort to attract more customers and increase sales.

A total of 196 new 55in video banner displays will be installed across two levels at Yankee Stadium when completed in April, which will present food menus, merchandise, promotions and branded content.

The new wall-to-wall contiguous monitors, provided by Visual Graphic Systems, are designed to grab the attention of fans from a greater distance away and help stimulate sales by displaying vibrant images of product offerings in 2D and 3D.

The concession stand video banners can be controlled by stadium personnel either via internet connection or handheld tablet. The latter enables personnel to simply walk around and change content and visual effects on the spot.

This full installation immediately follows two test installations that proved successful in attracting more guests to their concession stands.

“The stadium noticed that just by putting the video displays up, they attracted more clients to those stands, thus raising their revenues,” said Frank Alvy, director of digital at Visual Graphic Systems. “It worked out so well, they decided to have these displays installed above every concession stand.”


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