Newly revealed configuration of London Stadium includes rail seating option


Following the appointment of stadium design specialists Arena Events Group, to advance the previously announced proposal to reconfigure London Stadium, West Ham United is pleased to reveal the latest plan that will deliver two new lower tier stands behind the goals.

The stands will be squared-off in line with a more traditional football stadium configuration, with the aim of moving the two stands closer to the pitch – with seats going forward by as much as four meters – and installing these this summer.

The Club has now written to all season ticket holders in these lower tiers, to personally update them on the latest designs and provide bespoke information, through a dedicated online portal.

The configuration of the seating at the Stadium is something supporters have reportedly requested to explore, and the Club has worked with fans, stadium management and expert architects Arena Events Group and KSS Design Group on the designs.

Supporters gave positive feedback on the initial designs and details have been revealed, which the club anticipates to be in place for the beginning of the 2020/21 season.

In order to reconfigure the stadium in line with supporters’ desire for a more traditional layout, the proposals will naturally change the shape of the stand, so not every seating position will remain entirely like-for-like, although most will move closer to the action.

The design proposals take into account possible future developments and as a result, the stands are designed to be compatible for rail seating, to allow them to be adapted in future should there be any changes to Premier League guidelines on safe standing.

A number of creative options to further enhance the look and feel of the Stadium have been incorporated, including the use of claret and blue club colors, with the designs also improving access to amenities on the concourse.

West Ham and London Stadium intends to install the new configuration as soon as the extended season ends this summer. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing requirement of us all to be able to adapt to ever-moving situations means our plans for installing the new stands, of course, remain under constant review, but supporters can be assured that all focus is on achieving this in the safest possible manner in line with government guidelines.

A number of factors will impact timelines, not least the start date of the 2020/21 season, which as it stands remains subject to confirmation by the Premier League.

All fans located in those stands have been provided with bespoke, detailed information demonstrating how their seating position could change, and their options for relocating their season tickets should they wish to.

Each fan’s new seating position has been checked against a range of factors to keep it as close to their existing position as possible in relation to the new format. The Club has also taken great care to consider those who support the Hammers alongside friends and family and every effort has gone into keeping those groups together in the new configuration.

Karren Brady, vice chairman of West Ham United, said: “This is another great step in improving the supporter experience at London Stadium, having named the Billy Bonds Stand and introducing more claret and blue inside the Stadium last season. Reconfiguring London Stadium to bring the stands closer to the action was always something we have wanted to do, and we understand how important this is for our fans.”

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