Fans call for safer stadiums and arenas for women


A recent UK government-backed survey has revealed that two out of every three adults want improved safety measures in stadiums and arenas particularly around the safety of women and girls.

Commissioned by Police Crime Prevention Initiatives (Police CPI), a police-owned organization, it defined safety as ‘where efforts have been made to prevent crime, reduce harm and where staff will support you if you are feeling vulnerable’ and asked 5,050 adults in England aged 18-45 whether they agreed that it is important for licensed premises to improve their safety procedures.

Across all licensed premises in the survey the calls for improved safety were largest from women – with stadiums and arenas coming out at 71% for women and 60% for men. It revealed that 26% of respondents would have visited stadiums and arenas more if they felt safer and 29% are more likely to have visited if it had been granted a Police Safety Award

To make venues safer they were asked which measures they would most like made better or introduced. Top of the list of safety features that influences the perceived safety of stadiums and arenas upon arrival are ‘door entry control’ with 50% of respondents choosing this option. Next in order are uniformed staff at 49%; clearly marked fire exits and staff controlling rowdy crowds both 45%; and the venue being well-lit 44%.

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