Tennessee Titans use monitoring technology to track dangerous weather


In an effort to help keep spectators, players and officials safe from storms and lighting strikes at Nissan Stadium, the NFL’s Tennessee Titans have installed an active weather and monitoring tool that can track dangerous weather.

Storms and lighting can pose a significant safety concern for any open-air stadium where tens of thousands of fans sit exposed to the elements. Players and officials are also at risk from lighting strikes, while severe weather can delay play. Being able to predict when this could strike is crucial.

The Threat Net safety solution from Baron, which is a provider of critical weather tools, offers the Titans access to critical localized weather intelligence enables stadium operations and safety professionals to better track storms and lightning, pinpoint their location in reference to the venue, and provide pinpoint warnings and alerts.

It offers effective planning and operations by providing accurate localized, up-to-date information on weather events including tornadic wind activity and lightning strikes. The service offers relevant data for officials deciding whether to alter gate security checkpoint protocol. With alerts set to 8, 15, and 20 miles from the stadium, Nissan Stadium officials receive lightning proximity reports as a pop-up on the Threat Net Map, as a text message, or in an e-mail. These officials can also receive an “all clear” alert once 30 minutes have passed since the last strike.

“We don’t have anyone that’s constantly monitoring the radar, so it’s very helpful,” says Floyd Hyde, Nissan Stadium safety manager.

The stadium complies with NFL best practice to instate shelter in place status in the event of lightning within an 8-mile radius of the stadium. Nissan Stadium has successfully utilized Baron Threat Net to improve safety and security for sporting and other major events, including the CMA Fest.

Baron Threat Net includes detailed data and visual monitoring on current and forecasted precipitation and wind conditions. An exclusive Baron product features data on severe weather threats, such as damaging winds, hail, and flooding. The platform includes Baron exclusive location-based pinpoint alerts and standard alerts from the National Weather Service (NWS). These alerts can be delivered using onscreen display, text notifications, and via e-mail. In addition, Threat Net’s Critical Weather Indicators, a Baron exclusive patented product, highlights the most dangerous storm situations to users in real time.

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