Sustainability partnership launches at Coventry Building Society Arena


Coventry Building Society Arena says it plans to support the planting of 100,000 Trees by the end of 2024 as part of its ongoing commitment to becoming a more sustainable venue.

The new partnership with sustainability platform, Skoot, comes under the umbrella of a carbon reduction partnership programme called “32F”, which will see both companies work together with an ambition to make Coventry Building Society Arena one of the cleanest and greenest stadiums in the UK.

Skoot enables the arena and its guests to actively participate in sustainable initiatives. These include the removal of ocean plastic, global tree planting in devastated regions, support for verified carbon projects, and engagement in local community initiatives.

This partnership follows a series of sustainability initiatives implemented by Coventry Building Society Arena throughout 2023.

These measures include the introduction of sustainable packaging, responsible food suppliers, and enhanced recycling stations, all of which are part of a comprehensive venue-wide sustainability initiative designed to reduce the arena’s environmental impact.

32F in action

To kick-start the programme, Skoot will work with its NGO partner, Plastic Bank, to eliminate 20,000 ocean plastic bottles, and plant 10,000 trees with Eden Reforestation, courtesy of Bidfood Group, on behalf of the arena.

Representing the Arena’s 250 members of staff, Skoot will plant one tree in Hindi Nepal per employee through its partnership with Eden Reforestation.

Mark Stringer and Paul Michael outside Coventry Building Society Arena (Image: Skoot)

“There’s growing demand on venues and arenas to become more sustainable, but often it’s difficult to know where to start, which is why SKOOT develops these tailored programmes for venues,” noted Mark Stringer, co-founder and CMO, Skoot.

To encourage fan engagement, QR codes will be strategically placed around the arena near recycling bins and parking areas, allowing guests to support tree planting and ocean plastic removal to offset the carbon emitted from their visit.

Real-time impact counters and digital screens will be displayed throughout the venue, showcasing the collective positive impact of the Arena’s team and fans.

Future impact

In the coming months, Coventry Building Society Arena says it plans to introduce a small eco-contribution to every bar and restaurant purchase, with the goal of planting over 100,000 trees by the end of 2024.

Skoot will work closely with the arena to calculate and offset the carbon footprint of each event, encouraging exhibitors and corporate guests to explore methods for reducing their CO2 emissions.

Paul Michael, MD, Coventry Building Society Arena, said of the partnership, ” What we particularly like about SKOOT is its ability to bring fans, exhibitors, and visitors on this sustainability journey with us. Through this partnership, we can be transparent about our progress and encourage all guests to be more conscious of their environmental impact when visiting the Coventry Building Society Arena.

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