Staging manufacturer designs portable seating riser for NCAA 2019


Staging Concepts supplied the equipment used to install seating risers and the court substructure at the NCAA Final Four Championship, held at US Bank Stadium from April 6-8.

The Minneapolis firm has provided this equipment for the last decade. Designing the risers for this event takes months, with the installation of one of the largest portage seating risers for this year’s championship taking about two weeks to complete.

To ensure accuracy, a high-tech 3D laser scanner was used to capture every inch of US Bank Stadium’s interior. This data allowed the engineers at Staging Concepts to precisely design the equipment necessary to transform the football stadium into a basketball court.

For the 2019 championship game, some 5,600 Staging Concepts platforms were installed at US Bank Stadium. Approximately 300 platforms (20,000ft2/1,860m2) were used to support the basketball court, with the remainder used to support about 18,755 seats. In total, around 180,000ft2 (16,720m2) of platform coverage was installed at US Bank Stadium for the NCAA Final Four Championship.


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