Fan data tool launched to help boost sports marketing


Against a backdrop of empty sports stadiums and vastly altered consumer behaviors due to COVID-19, a new interactive dashboard of current and historic location intelligence to help sports franchises and sponsor brands retain and re-engage their vital economic lifeblood of loyal fans.

In 2020, sports teams, franchises and brands are struggling to understand the new behaviors of sports fans and how to maximize their marketing and branding strategies. Grounded in aggregated, pseudonymized location data, Gravy Analytics launches FanVue with its dashboard providing a comprehensive view of fans’ current and historic real-world behavior and the brands they visit and engage with, both on game days and for the season.

Fan intelligence has always been crucial for sports organizations, and it’s even more crucial now that teams cannot engage with fans the way they are used to: in stadiums and arenas. In a time when it’s harder to keep current sponsors and find new ones without live games and stadium events in play, Gravy’s FanVue helps sports teams and franchises revamp their sponsorship programs, providing proof to current and potential sponsors that their sponsorship dollars count.

“Sports marketing spending has been declining for years and, with the massive and abrupt shift in fan behavior due to COVID-19, pre-pandemic data and assumptions are no longer valid. Franchises in every sport are going to need relevant data to understand their fans and add value for their sponsors,” said Jeff White, founder and CEO of Gravy Analytics. “Taking a comprehensive look at fans’ real-world behavior and priorities is going to help sponsors adjust to the future and give sports marketing a new life.”

Experience shows that sponsors care less about having fans physically in stadiums than they do about being able to engage with fans wherever they are. Until now, stadium marketing was just the path of least resistance because fans were guaranteed to be there. Data on what fans care about outside of the arena or stadium has always been valuable, but FanVue offers this data aggregated in one place, providing sponsors increased value in today’s unique circumstances and beyond.

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