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Stadia March 2019

The Stadia March 2019 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

NATURAL TURF : TURF TACTICS – There is more to the manicured grass playing surfaces at professional sports stadia than meets the eye. Groundskeepers reveal how tricks of the trade can boost the home field advantage.

SEATING : SITTING TARGETS – The form and function of the once-simple stadium seat is being taken to the next level in an effort to offer greater fan experiences and help reverse falling attendance figures.

ARCHITECTURE : ON THE BOARDS – Leading experts in the world of sports architecture and design discuss exciting projects they’ve been working on and explore industry trends.

AUDIO : MAKING WAVES – As spectators expect higher-quality audio from their game-day experience, sound engineers are challenged with creating new technical solutions and designs for future stadium systems.



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