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Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd
Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd is an owner-managed business with a history that dates back to the initial formation of the company in 1955. Our guiding principles are, from our roots as a family business, based on our retained and practiced family values.

ME Engineers
ME Engineers stands at the forefront of the sports and leisure industry with unrivalled experience spanning 30 years of designing sports and entertainment facilities. Our portfolio includes over 175 sports projects in 14 countries; 60 professional league venues and 8 with retractable roofs.
Our goal is to provide our Clients with an excellent top quality service, drawing on our technological knowledge, which is up there with the best, while offering efficient and innovative solutions to solve their problems. We believe in excellence. We strive for excellence in everything we do. We believe in the power of human relationships as a motivating force to overcome difficulties.
Redaelli, is a global leader in the production of steel wire ropes. We draw on 200 years of experience in our field and, as a result, we have established an excellent international reputation for our stringent safety policy.