Miami Dolphins’ Sun Life Stadium to receive new seating


Miami Dolphins has selected a new seating partner as the organization moves forward with Sun Life Stadium’s modernization. As part of the Dolphins’ overhaul, the supplier will provide two chair models throughout the stadium.

One model will be installed in the 100 and 300 level areas of the stadium, while the other model will be on the club level. The process to drill and set the anchors for the seating has already begun, with full seat installation to follow through May 2015.

The model installed in the 100 and 300 level areas is an ergonomic stadium chair that measures 32 inches high and 19 inches wide. The other model is corrosion resistant, marine-grade vinyl upholstery that measures 32 inches high and 21 inches wide. The upholstered copolymer seat reportedly has a much thicker seat cushion than the average padded ones. Both chair models are made of more than 60% scrap iron and recycled plastic and are weather-resistant.

All seating paint, plastic and upholstery will be customized to the organization’s Miami Dolphins Aqua. The seats will be riser mounted, providing more space for fans to walk in and out without obstruction, and both of the seating models are held upright by cast iron end standards. The end standard of each row will display the Miami Dolphins logo.

April 16, 2015

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