Stadia readers believe on- and off-field lighting should be considered as parts of a holistic stadium solution


Last month’s poll question asked whether the design of lighting systems for modern stadia should be kept as separate and distinct aspects of venue infrastructure, or should be treated as a combined solution that plays a much greater role in the overall spectator experience.

In the past, and in older venues, pitch lighting and off-field illumination have been treated as two different areas of expertise – and often designed to be simply ‘bolted on’ to a finished stadium project. Increasingly, however, new stadia are considering all-encompassing lighting installations as a way to enhance the fan experience.

After the end of voting, an impressive 83% of respondents believe that pitch lighting and off-field illumination are now intrinsically linked, and should be treated as elements of a holistic solution for the entire stadium.

The remaining votes were split between the belief that: given rigorous broadcast requirements, field lighting should be treated as a closed system in order to optimize the solution; and that on- and off-field lighting solutions should not only be considered together, but should also be designed and installed in tandem with lighting systems outside of the venue itself. 

January 10, 2018

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