Boston government requests stadium overhaul


Boston Mayor Michelle Wu has announced the release of a request for proposals (RFP) for White Stadium in Franklin Park. The release details a revitalization of White Stadium as a centrepiece of the Boston Public Schools (BPS) athletics program and the surrounding community.

“In a championship sports town, our young people deserve to have access to world class facilities and programs for their growth and development,” said Wu.

White Stadium is currently in disrepair. A fire destroyed the interior of the east grandstand, rendering it unusable, and the west grandstand does not meet modern accessibility and building code requirements.

RFP Requirements

Proposals must include a narrative of the community benefits supported by the rehabilitation and redevelopment additional to the proposed program itself (Photo: Boston Parks and Recreation Department)

The chosen, qualified partner would receive a 10-year lease with potential renewals of the west grandstand and the right to license the use of the field and public areas of the east grandstand.

Those seeking to submit bids to the RFP are asked to submit a preliminary transportation plan which mitigates parking and traffic impacts in the surrounding community.

Additionally, they will be required to complete a detailed plan acceptable to the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) prior to entering any agreement.

“This is a chance to reimagine White Stadium as a hub for BPS Athletics, and we appreciate the City’s efforts to reimagine the incredible potential of the stadium,” said BPS Superintendent Mary Skipper.

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