San Francisco 49ers use real-time fan feedback technology at Levi’s Stadium


Fans of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers might be glum following the team’s loss in Super Bowl LIV, but coming into the new season its stadium operators are hoping to keep happiness at a high with the use of an industry first real-time tool that monitors negative or positive feedback around Levi’s Stadium.

Using technology from Finnish company HappyOrNot, which is often found at airports and retailers, it allows fans to raise their experience using podiums that feature smiley faces ranging from red to green. The 49ers will install the feedback points and also use a first-of-its-kind real-time tool called Real-time Collaboration to respond to situations.

Managers and front-line employees receive this in-app alert in real-time, and then are able to discuss with colleagues how best to rectify the situation.

For example, if ticket/beverage ‘wait time’ is a commonly-cited problem on a Smiley Touch, receiving frequent dark red negative feedbacks, stadium senior stewards will be alerted to this immediately and can open a new checkout to alleviate queues, while also informing their colleagues that the issue has been solved.

Managers and team members are also able to review alerts and log processes retrospectively, meaning organizations can learn from previous problems to prevent them from happening again in the future. Alongside this, managers can celebrate staff who respond quickly and effectively to any issues, as demonstrated through the app.

Moon Javaid, vice president, strategy & analytics, for the San Francisco 49ers, comments: “Our operational protocol is to respond to real-time alerts within five minutes. Our scores have increased over time. Fans are happier and understand we’re listening to them. Our overall experience satisfaction biometrics have improved by double digits.”

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