Budget turf grow lighting system launched


It’s not just the flush professional sports teams that are able to have the greenest grass playing surfaces, as a new budget turf lighting system has been launched to give groundskeepers at lower league clubs a boost.

The brand-new grow lighting product from SGL is able to offer the equipment necessary for healthier and safer grass playing surfaces to clubs, schools, and local sports clubs who have never had the budget to do so previously.

The BU50 model, which is shipped in a flat-pack, self-assembly package, is able to promote photosynthesis using its seven HPS fixtures and applying PAR light and additional heat, which enables and reinforces grass growth. The BU50 treats a surface of 50m2 and recovers grass after games and events, to ensure pitch quality throughout the year regardless of climate conditions.

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The budget BU50 is able to provide the same technology used at high-profile sports clubs as SGL has taken different measures in the engineering, production and shipping process to reduce costs to a minimum.

“For the Basic line we designed every part from scratch, in order to optimize the use of materials, increase efficiency and keep the SGL quality demands. We use these same parts for all products within the product range, which makes production more efficient and cheaper. In addition, the products are shipped to the customer in an ‘Ikea style’ self-assembly package. This reduces shipping space by 90%, meaning an extensive reduction of shipping costs,” said SGL product developer, Kristel Meijer.

Further products in the Basic Line are planned revealed SGL founder Nico van Vuuren. “Almost 20 years ago we introduced grow lights to the world of football, which then started a revolution in premier league pitches. Now, we can offer this opportunity to clubs throughout all levels of sport and we hope to do the same for them.”

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