Sidekick turf installation machine available at John Deere dealers


Sidekick USA has announced that its award-winning turf installation Sidekick machine, which mechanically pushes sod into place, is now available for demos, leasing and purchase at John Deere dealerships.

Announced at this year’s Sports Turf Managers Association Conference, the machine will be distributed at select dealers throughout the United States and international markets. The only-of-its-kind natural turf installation machine is able to speed up the turf installation process, as well as, reduce the amount of manpower required through a patented system that gently pushes sod into place without the need for crews to do it by hand.

The cut is approximately two inches thick, 48 inches wide, and can weigh up to 20 pounds per square foot – making it a challenge to tighten without the proper tool. The Sidekick is an advancement from the crude methods – such as pulling the sod by hand with rakes – used by installation crews, often resulting in exposed seams or tears, which can pose serious injury risks to athletes.

The Sidekick mechanizes and streamlines the installation process, speeding it up considerably. This also frees up field management teams to focus on other important areas of the install. Prior to the Sidekick, a full field replacement took about three days. Now, the entire process typically takes only one day with the Sidekick. After completion, the field can be ready to use the same day. This also allows for more activities – including sporting events and concerts – to take place.

“We’re so thrilled to bring the Sidekick’s unmatched capabilities to a whole new audience, helping them create the most exceptional – and safe – athletic turf fields throughout the world,” said Paul Carlson, CEO of Sidekick USA. “Through John Deere’s extensive dealer network and distribution channels, the Sidekick can bring unprecedented, cutting-edge turf installation to a global market for improved playing surfaces around the world.”

Sidekick is the official equipment and partner of Rose Bowl Stadium. It is also responsible for aiding turf installations at 17 NFL stadiums, including Soldier Field, Lincoln Financial Field, and Levi’s Stadium. Additionally, Sidekick has been utilized in numerous MLB, MLS, and NCAA stadia and facilities.

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