Osram creates professional lighting conditions for indoor soccer hall in Sweden


Osram Lighting Solutions has designed and implemented innovative LED hall lighting for the Nordichallen, a modern exhibition space and soccer hall in the Swedish city of Sundsvall. The new lighting solution complies with professional light requirements as stipulated by the Swedish Football Association and simultaneously achieves energy savings of around 65%. GIF Sundsvall, a club in the Allsvenskan premier Swedish soccer league, uses the hall for daily training, hall competitions and friendly matches.

The Nordichallen in Sundsvall is located at Northern Sweden’s largest sports center and trade fair site, Gärdehov, which, in addition to soccer, also functions as a regional center for ice hockey, floorball, ice skating and curling. The hall has floor space of approximately 118,400ft² and a ceiling height of 72ft. Since 2011, the hall has also benefited from a mobile, full-size artificial turf pitch which complies with requirements for international competitions – making it suitable for not just general soccer use by local clubs and schools, but also fulfilling all preconditions for professional soccer. Prior to the Osram installation, the lighting in the Nordichallen did not meet photometric requirements of the Swedish Football Association for clubs in the premier league in terms of glare limitation and uniform illumination.

Following careful lighting design and precise calculations, Osram installed 411 LED 181W luminaires to replace the previous 500 conventional 400W HID luminaires. The Siteco LS160 LED luminaires used provide significantly better quality of light and, thanks to frosted prismatic optics, achieve less glare even when users look directly into the luminaires. They also ensure flicker-free light for video recordings – ranging from mobile phones to HDTV with super-slow-motion. With state-of-the-art technology and maximum light output ratios, the new LED luminaires increase nominal lighting levels in the hall from a previous 400 lx to 800 lx.

Upgrading from previous conventional technology to the long-life and efficient LED lighting solution was also worthwhile in terms of cost-efficiency. The new LED hall lighting achieves energy savings of around 65% and significantly lower maintenance overheads and operating costs.

April 26, 2017

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