Renovation of historic Drusus Stadium now complete


Following three years of construction, the refurbishment, conversion, and upgrade of the Drusus Stadium in the center of the city of Bolzano has been completed. To date, the province of South Tyrol and the City of Bolzano have invested about $15 million in the project.

The project was awarded to architects Dejaco + Partner from Brixen in close cooperation and in partnership with gmp and Bergmeister Consulting Engineers from Vahrn. The design was jointly produced by Meinhard von Gerkan and Stephan Schütz with Ralf Dejaco.

Dating to 1936, Drusus Stadium is used for the home games of FC Südtirol (Photo: Marcus Bredt)


During the initial construction phase, the first step was to refurbish the stadium and increase the number of seats from 3,100 to 5,500. To achieve this, both grandstands were made longer and were extended down to the field. The historic parts of the Drusus Stadium were retained where possible, but as a requirement of the Lega Calcio, the field’s heated natural turf is new.

The “Zanvettor” grandstand built behind the stadium portal is protected as a historic structure, integrated in a fair-faced concrete base, with steel lattice girders as roofing (Photo: Marcus Bredt)

The space below the grandstand is used for facilities such as dressing rooms, the press room, and a press work room which faces the field.

The narrower and lower “Canazza” grandstand sits opposite the Zanvettor. Its vaulted concrete shell roof has been retained, overhauled, and extended to the left and right with a roof construction matching that of the Zanvettor grandstand. Plans for the  addition of grandstands seating up to 10,000 spectators are already in place.

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