State-of-the-art LED lighting installed at Busch Stadium


Major League Baseball’s St Louis Cardinals has made the move to LED lighting after installing the innovative technology at its home Busch Stadium.

In a video released by the team, it highlights the benefits of investing in the new lighting technology where 680 fixtures can be individually controlled at the push of a button.

Joe Abernathy, vice president of facility planning and engineering at Busch Stadium praised the benefits of the new system’s directional control: “it helps us direct the light and throw it a long distance. It also helps cut down on player glare.”

The LED lights manufactured by GigaTera and installed by Sachs Electric are said to offer up to 90% quality of natural light, with a 60% reduction in energy costs to operate compared with its old MH lights.

“The old lighting system was rated at a 67, so this will be about 25% better. It’s not quite as bright as day but quickly approaching that,” said Abernathy.

The new lighting system also comes with the benefit of being compatible for 4K and HD broadcasts to make colors look brighter and punchier on televisions screens. They also are able to power up in a second, whereas the old system took approximately 20 minutes.

Abernathy claims it is one of the most advanced lighting systems in professional sports and is one of 18 MLB teams to feature LED lighting.

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