New stadium turf protection system launched


With the rise of multi-use venues and stadia looking to earn more revenue through hosting non-sporting event, the need to protect the playing surface is one of the biggest priorities.

Signature Systems, which engineers and manufactures stadium turf protection, has launched a new product called OmniDeck LD, which is a lightweight panel system that offers the benefits of easy installation and heavy-duty protection.

Its main applications are pedestrian walkways and platforms for lighter traffic events on natural or synthetic turf to enable venues host live events such as concerts, festivals and esports tournaments.

It shares many of the key benefits of its heavy-duty next-generation turf protection product OmniDeck, however, weighing just 16.4kg (36lbs) per panel means it can be easily lifted and installed by one person.

OmniDeck LD’s puzzle-piece design allows for speedy deployment and the ability to build around obstacles in north, south, east and west directions simultaneously. It is able to protect turf from pressure points or friction, supporting weights of 200 psi/28,800 psf, and it also compatible with the heavier-duty OmniDeck’s 600 psi/86,400 psf protection for a total stadium solution.

Designed as stackable panels also reduce stadium overhead costs through greater transportation and storage efficiencies.

“It’s lighter with more aeration, offering more light and water transmission and penetration per square foot than its competitors,” claims Signature product engineer, Eric Parks.

The OmniDeck System was revealed at this year’s STMA conference and exhibition at West Palm Beach, Florida.

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